We have found the healthy peanut butter!

At last! If you are a fan of Carlos Ríos, you will know. And, now, there is healthy peanut butter (it’s not the homemade one, we were watching you come) in the supermarket that only has one ingredient: peanuts.

If every time you wanted something sweet or spreadable (we will not talk about the ‘chocolate’ mixtures) you fell into the ultra-processed, this may be your solution.

This is one of the latest news from Mercadona, and although it is not available in all supermarkets (as happened with the low-cost menstrual cup ) it is a healthy option to combine in many ways.

As a snack, with toast, in yogurts, ‘açaí’ bowls, or even smeared with fruit crudités such as apple, it is an option that, in addition to being healthy, is very nutritious.

Of course, although this peanut butter is healthy, it does not mean that it is free of calories. And, peanuts are one of the nuts with more calories per 100 grams along with cashews. 100 grams of peanut butter contains 618 calories, so be careful as it is a very caloric product. Carlos Ríos recommends a spoonful two or three times a week, as indicated in his Instagram account.

Although the important thing is the ingredients of the products and not so much their caloric intake, it must be taken into account that when it is very very high, as in this case, it must be consumed with care.