The peanut butter can be one of the best allies for weight control

It is delicious and very versatile, but the best thing is that it is perfect to include in your diet for its many healthy properties, and also to help you control your weight. We tell you all about peanut butter, its benefits and how you can add it in your recipes.

It is a perfect food whether you want to lose weight or want to gain weight, burn more fat or gain muscle. It is the fit complement par excellence, ideal to include in a healthy diet and with endless possibilities. Peanut butter has just begun its new reign without the negative connotations (of unhealthy food) that have dragged on for decades and there are many benefits that it brings us even while on a diet.

Sounds sure to see it in Yankee movies and series and it is that for Americans the peanut butter (or butter) is almost an institution and the mythical jam sandwich with ‘peanut butter’ is known worldwide.

Well, now you can leave forgetting this American, and not because of the peanut butter itself, but because of the disastrous combination of food, it entails. Take good note of all the properties of peanut butter and how you can take it most healthily.

Benefits of peanut butter

There are many benefits of this food, for example, it is a great natural source of bioavailable resveratrol. It was demonstrated with a scientific study that peanut butter contains resveratrol in its most optimal form for absorption by the intestine. So it can strengthen the intestinal flora, away from diseases and facilitating different processes of the body, and also improve the quality of the skin. It is antioxidant, heart-healthy, protects the muscles, stimulates the immune system and is attributed to anti-cancer and neuroprotective properties. Does anyone give more? Tilín is already making you this cream, huh?