Lets talk about the medicinal richness of Avocados

Avocado nutrition facts

Avocados are rich in medicinal properties

Female masculine facial cleanser After cleansing the face of the avocado for about 1 1/2 hours to cleanse the face, it can look great. Needless to say, the skin is cleansed and mild. Avocados are top in the beauty industry but are also highly medicinal. The availability of avocados as a fruit on the inside of the body is also important for physical well being.

As a food

The ripeness of the ripeness and ripeness of the rye is well suited for eating. Add a bit of sugar to taste and mix with salt and a few drops of lime. This can be followed by the main meal. Avocado is not good. This is because the body does not receive the proper nutrition of an unripe fruit

Nutrition is common

Avocados, a vegetarian dish, have much nutritional value. There is natural fat in it. The body does not have enough saturated fat. It, therefore, lowers cholesterol in the blood. It is suitable for anyone as it contains Vitamin A, E, B and E.

These people are special

It is a very good fruit for the nutrition of young children. Suitable for pregnant women. It is beneficial for breastfeeding mothers. Avocado is also good food for the elderly.

These people are unhealthy

Fever, headache, asthma, vomiting, liver disease, and kidney disease. Western medicine, which lowers blood pressure and has anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory properties, is also not suitable.

Pharmaceutical value

Avocados, which are suitable for diseases such as blood flow through the gums, regulate blood sugar levels. Blood transfers well. It reduces the risk of heart disease. The heart thinks. Urine. Cleanses the urine. Easily removes toxins in urine Also, the urine leaks out well. Good for joint diseases. Reduces joint disorders during old age Increases disease resistance Anti-inflammatory. Eliminates appetite. Food helps in better digestion.



A pair of bright eyes

Avocados are rich in vitamins and help the body grow and grow. It improves eyesight. Avocado protects the eyes from the effects of eating. Increases brightness of eyes. It gives you a refreshing eye.

Skin color

It works against the color changes that occur on your skin. Avocados make the skin look pale and shiny due to the nutrients it brings. This should be eaten at least 2,3 days a week. This helps to eliminate skin discoloration. It helps to reduce skin irritation. Eliminates wrinkles.

To grow in strength and power

It is a food that strengthens the body and strengthens the body. Makes a good rinse. Hives are curable. Bloodborne diseases of the body are beneficial. Refreshes the body.

Nutritional value of 100g

160 calories of energy
Carbohydrate 8.53g
0.66g of sugar
6.7g of fiber
14.66g of fat
2g of protein
B 1 0.067mlg
B 2 0.130mlg
B 3 1.738mlg
B 6 0.257mlg
B 9 81 microgram
Vitamin C 10mlg
12mlg of calcium
0.32mlg of copper
Iron 0.55mlg
Magnesium 29mlg
Phosphorus 52mlg
485mlg of potassium
0.64mlg of zinc
Vitamin E 2.3mlg

+ How to use avocados
You can use it as a beverage of your choice. Avocado juice (juice) is often used. It can also be used as a side soil. Occasionally, the flesh is eaten as a pure cream without the use of sugar, lime, salt, or anything else.Wanna know how Avacado helps to boost your beauty