Let’s protect our eyes, do these things for that


When it comes to lovingly care for anything, we “keep our eyes open.” Is meant to indicate that we are protecting our eyes so much. The eye is the main organ that gives us the vision to recognize the world. Keeping a healthy eye is a blessing in disguise. How to keep the eye healthy? What if such a precious eye gets sick? What are you doing? Among the various ailments that afflict many in society, the majority of eye ailments are due to a lack of concern for the protection of the eyes. Let’s protect the eye. You can protect your eyes by diagnosing eye diseases from time to time.

We need to be very careful to protect our eyes because if we go blind we have to seek someone’s help to do any work. It is a very troublesome situation in life. We need to take care of our eyes like children until the end of our lives because we want to get the right view of the environment. There are various causes of eye diseases. From an early age, one should pay proper attention to the eyes.

So let’s see what are the causes of these eye diseases…

Damage to the eye from smoke dust

The intense heat and smoke emitted from wood stoves are not good for the eyes. Smoke from flammable piles accelerates eye damage. Smoke and dust are not good for the eyes. They cause more damage. Smoke from vehicles can also damage the eyes.

Smoking and alcohol consumption

Smokers and alcoholics may have poor eyesight. Smoke from tobacco smoke interferes with vision. In this case, the smoke can cause decay in the delicate parts of the eye (macula). This condition can be caused by smoking.
Alcoholism can lead to falls or accidents because of frequent cravings. Lack of awareness or awareness, especially about eye protection, can lead to eye damage.
Frequent drinker’s eyesight decreases unknowingly.
Do not bathe as soon as the body is tired

It is not advisable to take a bath without taking any rest during any strenuous activity. In particular, blood circulation is accelerated. Then the blood vessels in the bath contract and its activity stops. As this affects the activity of the eye, it is not advisable to take a bath immediately even if the body is working hard.

Increases headache and redness of the eyes

Sleep disorders cause headaches and redness of the eyes. These conditions are caused by falling asleep at night and sleeping during the day. Sleep in particular is an essential part of body development. During sleep, the muscles of the body grow or regenerate worn-out parts. So getting sleep is also essential.
Impaired vision due to insomnia or lack of sleep. It causes blinking eyes, redness of the eyes, headache, or dizziness. All of these can lead to eye diseases.

Sun-stroke or heat-stroke

It is not advisable to take a bath as soon as you get home from a walk in the sun. Often, small children play in the sun and tap their heads on the faucet. It is not appropriate. The villager does not forget to bathe in the lake or river on his way home in the evening after a hard day’s work. But as this condition continues to occur, it can adversely affect the organs of the body. Such conditions are not particularly suitable for the eye. Also, bathing in the sea during hot weather can affect the eyes.

Diabetes and eye disorders

Diabetes can damage the eyesight if not treated properly. One of the causes of this damage is an increase in the pressure of the fluid in the eye (glaucoma). Then the vision is disturbed. If left untreated, it can lead to blindness. Also, a severe blow to the eye at a young age can lead to glaucoma later in life. Glaucoma can be caused by a bruise on the eye that is not treated properly.
The delicate blood vessels in the tissues of the eye may rupture. Then your eyesight may be impaired. Therefore, proper treatment should be sought in such cases. So it is very important that you take care of your diabetes.

Do not enjoy distant views

If you are looking at distant views too often, you should know that it affects the eye. You must be watching the stars win in the distant sky. And must observe the subtleties. In astronomy, this condition is usually observed in distant objects. But it would not be a good fit for the eye to survive. You may want to look at ships in the distant seas. Then the activity of the eye muscles increases and they become more tired. The eye muscles get tired quickly. Proper procedures should be followed in such activities.

Impairment of vision due to a blow

A blow to the eye or a blow to the back of the head can also cause blindness. Damage to the delicate parts of the eye related to the eyes. At the same time, damage to the blood vessels in the eye can cause blood to flow into the eye. Hitting the head can damage parts of the brain that provide vision to the eye. It causes loss of vision.
Therefore, hospitalization in such cases is essential.

Covering the eyes

People in the welding industry need to wear goggles because of the increased risk of eye injuries. Failure to do so may result in loss of eyesight. Care should be taken during welding as the delicate parts of the eye may burn during welding. When working on machines used in other industries, pieces or dust can be thrown into the eye and damaged. It is therefore advisable to wear an eye mask.

Sadness and happiness

When sadness and happiness increase, tears cannot be prevented. Grief and mourning can cause poor eyesight. Frequent straining of the blood vessels in the eye can lead to the weakening of the eyes. This is where the dryness of the eyes occurs. Thus the eyes become pale and melancholy, not refreshing. It interferes with vision.

Vomiting affects the eye

Anyone can vomit. When vomiting occurs, stopping it increases eye diseases. The reason is that it prevents toxins from escaping. Therefore, it is not advisable to stop vomiting. Toxins should be allowed to escape. It is also not advisable to vomit too much.
Since vomiting in Ayurveda is one of the five karmas, it should be done according to a proper method. But if the procedure is not followed, even the patient’s eyes can be damaged. That is, even the delicate capillaries of the eye are damaged. It is not appropriate to do panchakarma even after coming and going

Smoke caught during treatment

In case of severe cold or headache, the smoke should be closed and the vapor should be inhaled. Otherwise, the vapor (smoke) may damage the eyes. Normal smoke does not damage the eye, but it can decompose the delicate parts (blood vessels) in the eye.

TV, laptop screen and mobile phone

Do not watch TV from close range. Visual disturbances (especially in young children). Thus, it is not advisable to watch television from the front. The TV is worth watching on both sides. It is not harmful to the eye.
The laptop operator must periodically remove the eye from the laptop screen to protect it. In doing so, it is advisable to look at another environment. It is not appropriate to keep a constant eye on the screen. It is harmful to the eyes.
It is unfortunate to get used to playing games as a habit on mobile phones. It is not particularly suitable for growing children. Constantly looking at the screen of a mobile phone can weaken the muscles in the eye. Over time, this can lead to eye growth defects.

Because how does nutrition affect the eyes?

Eye diseases are also caused due to a lack of nutrition for the eyes. Vitamin A improves eyesight. A condition can be caused by not adding yellow vegetables and fruits to the diet that contain vitamin A.
Thus, the eye begins to dry out due to a lack of necessary nutrition. There is discoloration of the eye and a decrease in eye refreshment. Therefore, milk, eggs, carrots, pumpkin and animal liver, green peas, sweet potatoes, cowpeas, papayas, and bananas are the foods that contain specific nutrients for this.

Insecticides and Herbicides

Insecticides or herbicides are used to get a good harvest when cultivated on farms. When those pesticides or herbicides are applied, those chemicals can get in the eye. Therefore, it is essential to wear protective goggles. In the fields, muddy water can get in the way. Mud water is not suitable for the eye. May cause eye damage. Not only this, with the help of pesticides you can do more harm to the eyes. Therefore, protective goggles should be worn.

In cosmetology

Also, many people like to beautify their faces in beauty care. In addition to facial cleansers, various creams and warmers are used. There you will be able to moisturize the eye. Especially when doing this beauty to the eyes should not be allowed to get into the eye. Many women are accustomed to using eyebrows and eyelashes around their eyes. If these get in the eye even when it is not possible, it can cause any harm to the eye. It can even cause vision problems.