Foods with a bad reputation that help you lose weight

You go to the nutritionist. You go on a diet. In it, the prohibited foods are so many that you think you will be eating broccoli and chicken breast for life. Or at least, until you reach your goal. Nowadays, many movements advocate healthy eating as a lifestyle and not a restrictive diet that, in the end, ends up being strict. Say NO to starving, that is clear. Movements such as Futurlife are committed to real and above all rich food. But if we talk about movements with thousands of followers and unstoppable success, we cannot forget Carlos Ríos and his ‘realfooder’ lifestyle (which even solves the craving moments with his healthy proposals).

Under the premise of eating everything (and being happy) avoiding ultra-processed and limiting the processed to healthy, we have discovered that there are certain foods with a bad reputation, which in reality, are not bad. Do you want to know what they are?

Custard apple

Its great caloric intake has made it one of the foods that cross the red line when it comes to losing weight. However, custard apple is a very beneficial food since if you want something sweet it is better to take this fruit promptly than chocolate. Although it has a high sugar content, its consumption is highly recommended since it is a natural source of vitamin B6, a substance that helps reduce fatigue and tiredness.

Sweet potato

It is another of the great demonized foods. Its sweet taste has made it banned right and left when in reality, it is a very healthy alternative to the potato since it contains the same carbohydrates but the fiber double. It also contains vitamin A that helps eye health and maintenance of the skin’s mucous membranes. Roasted and at noon is almost a delicacy.


Popcorn has always been in the bag of the ultra-processed, but the truth is that they are perfect tempi if they are made at home. You don’t need much, just a teaspoon of corn and olive oil. You can do them at home or in the popcorn promptly to rejoice on a late Saturday without going overboard if you are on a diet.


Canned foods are not bad, moreover, as long as the content is preserved in olive oil and has little salt, it is a perfectly healthy food that you should incorporate into your diet as a source of Omega 3 if you do not have time to cook fish.