Benefits of kasa kasa seeds – Kush Kush seeds

Benefits of kasa kasa seeds – Kush Kush seeds, In Hindi, kasa kasa seeds are known as kush kush. kasa kasa seeds are blue and white. The nutritional value of 100 grams of kasa kasa seeds is 525 kcal, 28.13 g of carbohydrates, 17.99 g of protein, 41.56 g of total fat (19.5 g of cholesterol does not contain fiber), 82 g of folate micronutrients, 89 g of niacin.

Many people use kasa kasa seeds for the beauty of food and beverages. Kasa kasa seeds are used especially for beverages as well as for seasonings, puddings, salads, jellies, seasonings and garnishes. But what most people do not know is that kasa kasa seeds have very good nutrients.

Ability to stimulate sexual energy

Kasa kasa seeds have the ability to stimulate sexual energy. kasa kasa contains water-insoluble fiber which is very useful for digestion. It helps to expel the dead well. Kasa kasa seeds are very beneficial for patients with hemorrhoids.

Prevents eczema

Drinks with kasa kasa seeds are also very beneficial for patients who suffer from frequent injuries. It cools the body and prevents eczema. Oral sores in particular are very beneficial. It contains many nutrients, including carbohydrates. Therefore, it builds immunity and prevents diseases. Helps in brain function. This is very helpful for intelligence development.

Improves female fertility

kasa kasa seeds oil can improve women’s fertility. Kasa kasa seeds also contain the waste part, the unwanted part, and the ability to dissolve, especially in the fallopian tubes.

It can reduce stress and tension

Drinking beverages containing kasa kasa seeds lowers cortisol (a hormone). It relieves stress, reduces stress, calms the body and promotes good sleep. Therefore, before going to bed, drink a glass of kasa kasa seeds and go to bed to get rid of fatigue and get a good night’s sleep.

Has anti-cancer properties

Very good for hair as well as skin. Vitamin B6 is very good for anemia. The anti-cancer properties of kasa kasa seeds are also present. Vitamin B and calcium can cure many diseases of the nervous system. This helps in the functioning of the thyroid gland. Very good to look at.
Having a significant amount of calcium helps prevent many diseases.

It is also beneficial for diabetics

Avoids fallopian tube blockages. It is also very beneficial for bone related diseases in women after menopause. It is also beneficial for diabetics as it contains a significant amount of fiber.

Add a teaspoon of kasa kasa seeds to a glass of clean water, mix well and add a few drops of lime if needed.
But it is unhealthy to take kasa kasa seeds every day and take large quantities all at once.