Beetroot smoothie, the healthy drink that helps you lose weight

It is increasingly fashionable and you can see it succeed in social networks as a healthy ingredient among celebrities and influencers. In addition to its striking violet color, beet is an energy food that has a lot of health benefits that you can not imagine, we tell you why you should consider adding beet milkshake to your healthy diet.

Source of health

Beet is a great source of minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iodine; and also of vitamins of group B and Vitamin C. As you will see it is a food of great nutritional value but it will also help you to keep blood glucose levels and cholesterol at bay.

Inflammation is the origin of many chronic diseases and beets can help fight it. It contains betaine, a substance with a great anti-inflammatory power that protects cells.

It is a food that regulates blood pressure naturally since beets contain nitrites that in the body are transformed into nitric oxide. This molecule contributes to the distention of blood vessels by improving circulation and blood pressure.

A natural energy drink

Thanks to this conversion of nitrates to nitric oxide, beets make them an excellent food that naturally provides energy increasing resistance in high intensity exercises, a fact proven in a study by the University Wake Forest (USA) published in Journals of Gerontology, where they observed that people who had drunk beet milkshake before training had a sports performance of up to 16% higher than those who did not drink it .

Before drinking an energy drink loaded with refined sugar, preservatives and additives try a beet milkshake, a very healthy option that will offer you the same results.

Why is it better to drink it liquefied?

Beet has more iron than spinach, nothing more, nothing less, this iron intake is assimilated much better if the beet is liquefied. Therefore, although your beet chips and your pink beet hummus are very healthy, do not forget that to improve iron absorption you should consume it in a smoothie.

You can take it alone or add more ingredients to your smoothies such as apple, ginger, mint leaves or lemon juice. You will not need to sweeten yourself because the beet itself is sweet but if you need a little more sweetness you can add a little honey or agave syrup. You can also prepare a cold beet soup.

The perfect drink for your weight loss diet

In addition to the great nutritional value and the health benefits it has, beet shake is also perfect to include in your weight loss diet because it contains a lot of water, vegetable protein, and fiber. It is satiating and will help you fight constipation and purify the body.

It has a pigment called betalain that favors that detox effect helping to eliminate toxins and waste substances and to combat the damage caused by free radicals.

The beet smoothie is a sweet drink of a very attractive color that will also help you lose weight, give everything in the gym and improve your health. What more could you want?