Ayurveda remedies for those suffering from kidneys

It is said that this causes pain to man. This disease is more common in men than in women.
Calcium oxalate is the most common ingredient in kidney stones. Calcium Phosphate, Uric Acid, Crystalline Drinking less water can increase the concentration of these components, making them harder to digest. These kidney stones form in the kidneys, urinary tract, and bladder.
There are various causes of kidney stones. They are,


  • Eating hot foods. (E: prawn, squid, strong, pickle)
  • Excessive drinking.
  • Eat more calcium.
  • Various medical conditions (such as urinary tract inflammation)
  • Diets high in protein.
  • Eating again before digestion.
  • Heartburn
  • The flesh of animals in wet areas
  • Drink boiling water.
  • There are various complications before the kidney stones.
  • Enlargement of the bladder
  • Severe pain in and around the bladder.
  • Odor of urine.
  • Urination in pain
  • Bamboo
  • It can be characterized by appetite

symptoms of a kidney stone

  • Occasional flow of urine When the obstruction is removed, the patient feels comfortable to urinate.
  • Inflammation of the urine
  •  Urinary tract bleeding due to urinary tract injury
  • Abdominal pain
  • The appetite for food
  • Vomiting
  • Symptoms may include urinary incontinence or urinary incontinence.

Foods and things not to be taken by a person with urine…

  • Foods that are hot, stretched, rough, hard to digest
  • Staying in the sun
  • Eating foods such as mango, pickles, amberrella(spondias dulcis) , carambola, yams, flours, foods rich in milk, milk powder, spinach, tomatoes, oxalate such as billin , chocolate and peanuts.
  • Also, tomatoes when preparing foods like dried fish.
  • Excessive protein intake
  • Drinking alcohol.

And these are the foods that can be cured of …

• Collage
• Barley
• Green gram boiled water
• Green gram
• Types of lentils
• Sugar
• jaggery
•Marsh Barbel(neeramulliya)
•Chinese spinach (Kura Tampala)
• cucumber (Kakiri)
• cucumber beans
• cathedral bells leaves(Akkapana)
•Annona muricata (katu anodha)
calabash (Labu)
• Watery vegetable varieties.

In addition,

Make a sambol and eat it mixed with akkapana leaves and red onion coconut.
Put the kakiri beans, White gourd beans, watermelons and beans  into a cup of boiling hot water.

As the only suitable medication for this,

• Balipoovu(polpalaa)
• cucumber beans
White gourd juice
Little Ironweed roots.(Monocardium roots)
• Moringa roots
• ‎Satawari potato(haathawariya ala)
• Watermelon
Chebulic Myrobalan

king coconut water
Drugs such as:

Keep in mind that you need to drink enough water (about two and a half to three liters) a day, urinate properly after your urination, and take appropriate diets (above) to get rid of these painful illnesses.
If you have any symptoms, it is important to consult a doctor immediately and get the right treatment.