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"Easy Stretches To Improve All Parts Of Your Life!"


These 9 Simple Stretches Help You Easily 
Get Through Every Day


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Being stretched and feeling lose and limber is a fantastic feeling and being able to do a couple of stretch routines every day is easy and will leave you feeling better and better!

In fact all animals in the wild stretch and they do it for the same reasons we do!

It feels good!


Being stretched and lose means we are more fluid and relaxed. Our bodies flow naturally and our responses and reactions and daily activity requirements are met with ease and grace.

The difference here between animals in the wild and humans is this though: we don’t stretch enough. In fact most people haven’t been shown how to stretch simply and properly and they don’t realize the benefits of staying stretched.

Really when we don’t stretch and do the other things that we know keep our bodies in balance like eat the right foods, exercise a little, etc, we increase the risk of tension related chronic conditions and accidents. We suffer physically and subsequently emotionally. And then it just gets worse!

Back pain, leg pain, neck pain… much of this can be mitigated completely and certainly lessened by incorporating simple stretch routines into your life. 



Here’s How To Stretch Right 



Your body is made up of multiple muscle groups and this means relying on 1 or even 2 basic stretches is probably not enough to feel and be at your best for an average day of activity. The exception would be patients whose mobility is more restricted for example as a result of paraplegia or MS or another neurodegenerative disorder.

The 10 stretches below are basic and effective and I recommend utilizing all of them and this means making the time available for these exercises.

Having said that and human nature being what it is, I suggest cycling through these stretches in groups of 3.


The illustrations below should make the stretch motion very clear.

3 Rules: 

1)    Breathe

2)    Stop at pain

3)    2 minutes a stretch


Breathing through your stretch is critical and I suggest a few deep breaths before you begin to insure you’re somewhat relaxed.

As for pain, I know that most people’s brain tells them to quit long before their body’s need to. Don’t listen to your brain and relax and breathe through a stretch, pushing to your limit and holding and breathing into more of the stretch, pushing a little more and holding.

An ache is different than a sharp pain. Sharp pain, biting pain, these are signs to back off your stretch a bit.

Finally don’t rush through your stretch. Take your time and get the full benefit of the stretch. Allow the muscles to relax while being stretched. 

Stretch at least once a day! 

9 Simple Stretches To Improve Your Life: 



Calf Stretch


Quad Stretch 

Hamstring Stretch  
IT Band Stretch  
Lower Back Stretch   
Upper Back Stretch   
Upper Chest Stretch  
Shoulder Stretch  
Neck Stretch   



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