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Studies Reveal The Truth Behind
How To Set Your Goals!


"See How Easy  It Is To Actually Reach The Goals You Set!"

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Avoid Disappointment By Setting   Easy And Simple Life Goals You Can Reach Starting Today!

Setting goals and sticking to them can be tough. 

Failing to meet your goals can be discouraging enough. Over time just believing that your goals can be met can seem unrealistic and after spending money over the years on self help approaches....hope vanishes.  

Most people quit setting goals because they just 'never' accomplish them. 'What's the use', right? 

...but the problem is you havent accomplished your goal.


First Things First!

Remember: 'The only failure in life is the one that makes you quit!'

Don't worry, this isn't just a pep talk.

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Focusing On Your 'WHY'

...What's In It For You?


Succeeding at whatever goal you have in mind, and you may have many - hopefully, will leave you feeling exhilarated and wanting to set more goals! The emotional benefits alone of even the smallest accomplishments have tremendous benefits and having a target to focus on will help.

This applies for goal setting of any kind. It's important that you are clear in your intention and know exactly what you want you to achieve? 

Having a clear understanding of 'why' you want something will help you get it and below you'll see a sample of what I mean.

Let's say your overweight and you've tried countless times to lose that weight only to find it stubbornly returns and brings a little extra along with it!

This may be what you're looking for.

Weight Loss Benefits:



* You have more energy!
You feel better!
You look better!
You raise your self esteem!
You feel more 'a part' of everything!
You improve your health!
You raise your over all confidence!

              ...and more and more!

The power of setting realistic weight loss goals can't be underestimated and any or all of the weight loss benefits I've listed may be your 'why.' Your motivation.

Or it may be something else...feeling healthier, feeling better, making more money, having better relationships, getting a pilots license, getting a dog or a cat!

This works for any type of goal and using this example again of 'weight loss' is perfect. This is a very effective way to never spend money on some new 'get skinny quick' diet fad and live effortlessly at your ideal weight! Forever!

No kidding!

My concern is that - like most people, you simply haven't been taught how to set those goals correctly so let's get to it!


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  Ready? GO!

Very few people reach their goals. 

The big reason for this is they DO NOT know how to properly set achievable goals and they DO NOT know how to take the necessary steps to reach those goals. 

I want to give you 2 things here: 

1) Understand how goals work. 

2) Understand how to properly set goals you can reach. 

I'll confess that like many of you, before I understood the facts about goal setting, I stopped setting goals. My failures left me feeling I would never meet the goals that I set so - why bother? 

Sadly I know I'm not alone with this. 

Thankfully I know better now and this is what I want to share with you.


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 3 common ways to set goals:

·   Outcome Goals

· Performance Goals

· Process Goals 


Outcome Goals

The most common goals are 'Outcome' goals. This is where you focus on a result. -You'll be thin and look amazing! -You'll have new exciting clothes! -People will want to be with you! … or worse, you don't have any vision of the future you. 

The flaw with this goal type is that there are no specifically defined steps to reach Outcome goals. Failure to meet these goals is almost always the result and this creates high levels of anxiety.

Fail to meet your goals a few times and you'll just stop setting them- and that's not the answer either.

Performance Goals

People who are competitive, perhaps a professional athlete, will set more 'Performance' type goals.  These goals focus on achieving standards or performance objectives. -I'll do better this time! or -Here's what they're doing so I'll do it!

The problem is you tend to make subconscious comparisons against your own past performance and that's probably not terrific. Or you compare yourself against others meaning your 'judging your insides by their outsides' and there's not enough information to be accurate about that goal set. You can't read minds. 

You may have more success with this type of goal but, again, most of you are creating Outcome goals with little success.


 Process Goals

Finally, You will have your greatest success by setting 'Process' goals. Scripting out process goals is more of a skill set that needs to be taught. 

These goals focus on the actions an individual must engage in during performance to execute or perform well.

In other words you create and envision the specific steps required to accomplish your weight loss goal. You internalize and live the process. 

It may be as simple as: 

·     'I will release a minimum of 3 Lbs this week and every week for the next month and I will release a total of 12-15 lbs by the end of 30 days starting today.' 

·     'Starting today my meals will ONLY include LOW Glycemic food and I will have 3 full meals a day and 2 snacks in between'


·     'I will shop to specifically buy more whole foods and I will avoid processed food for a period of 1 week starting today.'

This example of creating a Process Goal is perfect if you are serious about losing weight for the last time!

Set specific goals, write them down and you will experience total success!


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 There is a lot more to goal setting! ...But this should help. 

Goals are a powerful way to achieve everything you want to accomplish in your life. Write out your goals. Be very, very specific! Set them smartly and realistically and then do the foot work.

You'll do fine...