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Letting Go Of Stress Easily And 
Improving Everything In Life!


Use These 12 Simple Methods To
Let Go Of Stress Today!

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  The world is a hard place at times and learning to take it easy and let go of stress during stressful times is imperative if you want to live a long and healthy – balanced – life. 

Stress Kills.  

Negative stress can come in the form of bills, loud neighbors, long winters, etc and one thing is for sure. Shit happens, right?  

Stress stops our hearts and causes strokes and triggers the release of stress hormones that trap fat on our bodies. And more. ~

Even repetitive small stresses like housework, irritating noise, high gas prices, the rising cost of living, and too many responsibilities can far outweigh that of major traumas as they accumulate over time.

But wait! There’s moreā€¦ 

Stress causes your immune system to fall down on the job.

It can heighten your risk of cancer and autoimmune disease, as well as increase your risk of infections. It also increases your possibility of arterial aging, heart disease, stroke, impotence, memory loss, and-

...early wrinkles of the skin!



So – with this in mind let’s look at some ways to ‘Let Go.’ 

I employ a few techniques to manage stress in my life. I have a stressful life as well, with 4 kids, mortgages, car insurance, vet bills, phone bills, loud neighbors, etc, etc. 

I’m not complaining but it’s important for me to remember that if I am not relaxed and handling the stress of my days and nights with peak efficiency then I’m not doing the best I can.

The Zen Of Letting Go 

I have learned to use prayer and meditation in my life to a great extent. Prayer for me is talking to God and meditation is listening to God. Whether or not you believe in a conscious God, that doesn’t diminish the amazing effects you'll experience as a result of prayer and meditation. 

Breathing and stretching are magnificent and critical tools to shedding stress. Never forget this.  

Below are some simple techniques for releasing stress. Keep in mind that the causes of stress in your life may not be able to be changed but we can change the way the stress affects you.

  1. Parcel Out Quiet Time: Go into a room and shut the door. Leave your phone, pagers and all attention grabbers outside. Take 15 minutes and breathe and relax. In through your nose and out through your mouth. Read a book, take walks, whatever it is, just take the time and make it a habit.
  2. Quit Procrastinating: ‘Why do today what I can do tomorrow?’ When you keep putting off tasks that need attention you’re going to stress out. You can’t put off worrying about them — and the stress that causes. Get stuff done one thing at a time exactly the way they stacked up.  
  3. Write Stuff Down: Forgetting can be a problem and I know I’m so busy sometimes that I carry a note pad with me to right down important thoughts and ideas. If forgetting something will cause you stress, make sure you’ve got it written down in a trusted system and review those notes at the end of everyday. 
  4. Eat Better Foods: A good diet – low glycemic and rich in whole foods - can help your body better deal with the effects if stress.  A healthy diet isn’t all that complicated – it just doesn’t include Twinkies, Pop Tarts, potato chips, canned foods, instant meals, etc. 
  5. Make Family Time: Eat at least one meal a day with your family (or with friends if you’re single). Better yet, eat at least one homecooked meal a day with your family/friends. 
  6. Talk It Out: Stuffing your stress simply postpones the inevitable. That is that somewhere, sometime that pressure will blow. Learn to talk out feelings and issues. Keep your voice level and have a key word to allow you to escape during a conversation if you become uncomfortable. 
  7. First Things First: List issues in your life in terms of their priority. What's the most important and what’s the least important. Know what you can easily let go and focus your energy on things that will actually make a difference in your life.
  8. Have Routines: Having a set routine means you don’t have to worry about what comes next; after a while, it becomes second nature. Be careful though because routines also just insulate you and don’t deal with the issue.   
  9.   Accept Interruptions Gracefully: Don’t be so rigid that you can’t function if your plans are interrupted. If you’re like me then you know they will be, so keeping that in mind, always take a quick breath and relax into those interruptions. And allow change to happen – if you cast something in stone it becomes inflexible. Don’t be this way.  
  10. Know When To Stop: Don’t stand for employers, friends, or lovers who treat you badly. If you feel like a victim you probably are. Take care of yourself and quit being a victim. 
  11. Reward Yourself: It’s not all bad. Measure your progress in life – reward yourself for the things you’re doing well and take yourself out to dinner or a movie or whatever! You deserve it and this will help put your stress in perspective. Maybe it’s okay to have some of those things that bug you. 
  12. Love: Build relationships. Share yourself. Feel human warmth. Make time to connect with others. 


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Humans are tough and wimpy at the same time. We think that by shouldering responsibility and living stoically, this is somehow character building. It’s not – it’s simply another form of self-centered egoism.

Take these important steps to find some peace in your life now~ 

Don’t fall into the trap of eclipsing your life with negative stress! Use these tips today and start unwinding and making friends and making a difference!