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"Learning Will Make You Healthier 
And Help You Live Longer"


Choose New Directions In Your Life By Learning
 More Of What's Out There!


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Learning is the act of acquiring new or modifying existing thoughts, ideas, behaviors, values, preferences or skills.  

But why do I want to learn more? That just sounds like work! 

As we age our brains turn to pudding. At least that’s what one of my children says. But actually our brains can maintain the ability to focus, remember and grow throughout our lives--if we exercise them! 

Really though, when we get older we may suffer some form of dementia and there is evidence today suggesting that continued learning will slow the onset of different dementia’s. Alzheimer’s for example. 

But many people are lazy. Their learning experiences may consist of 6 hours in front of the TV watching reruns after spending 8 hours at a job that has no challenges. 

Herein lies the problem. 

You will have to take responsibility for keeping not just your body but your mind active and healthy! No one else will.


The Brain Of A Rat! 


Study’s in mice show that plaque buildup in the brain is diminished and slowed as they are subjected to short and repeated learning sessions. These plague regions of the brain would reflect areas of disease process.

(What are these mice learning?)

We don’t know but the importance of this is significant if you’ve ever lost a family member to a horrible disease like Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.

By taxing the brain and forcing ourselves to learn and think, we are flooding the brain with nutrients and blood necessary to keep it alive and vibrant.

In fact critical thinking where our efforts are expressed in reflective thinking aimed at deciding what to believe or what to do is the most helpful it appears. 

Mans Best Friend


I have a German Sheppard named Bongo. He totally loves to learn and in fact tends to go a little nutz when he has to sit to long because of the family work schedule and availability.

If Bongo is left in the house beyond 6 hours there is a good chance we will be shopping for a new piece of furniture the next day. But if I break Bongo’s day up and walk him he smells everything and processes every step of that walk and when he gets back he’s great.

Later in the day I might run him through some doggy obedience commands and he feels good about that. He is all ego when he performs and gets those scratches and pats and when he’s done you can see how good he feels about himself having done a great job.

And people are no different – except they don’t need Scooby snacks to stay focused.

Pick up a book today and learn about astrophysics, metallurgy, environmental issues, ...whatever!


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And remember to have fun!

The act of 'playing' for children is considered the most basic form of early learning and lets face it they only want to have fun!

Challenge yourself and learn something new this week!