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Laughter Will Improve Your Life
...And Everything In It!


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Perhaps your wondering why laughing is so important and this website visit is merely a curious stop on your way to more relevant content in your day. 

Maybe you’re looking for a few good jokes to leave with – in which case you’ll be disappointed, and maybe you’re here to see if there’s anything to the notion of laughing and living a better life! 


So. What’s The Problem? 


If you peek around a bit you’ll see some long faces out there. Generally people are uptight and furiously working to convince each other everything’s okay. Many are not having this experience but enough are to warrant an intervention. 

Depression, sadness, stress….we bottle this stuff up and it can kill us! Times are tough but we can still laugh and release ourselves from some of these symptoms. 

Consider this: 

Children laugh a lot if you let them – and you should. An average baby laughs around 300 times a day compared to an average adult, who laughs around 20 times a day. (I know some that are lucky to get to once a day) 

Somewhere along the line we got a little too serious. 

In fact my favorite observation of people made by a friend of mine was that most people are concerned with “….themselves, their resentments and their self pity!” 

In other words “I’m not much but I’m all I think about!” 

(Now that’s funny!) 

Dying Of Laughter! 


There is a direct link between laughter and healthy blood vessels. Our cardio-pulmonary function can strengthen and improve simply by adding laughter into our lives. 

We feel better when we laugh and if you simply force yourself to break into a smile you may release a handful of endorphins designed to regenerate your body and make you feel good. 

And we now know that laughing can have a dramatic effect on reducing stress related hormones like cortisol and epinephrine which have been directly linked to obesity so… 

…Laughing Helps You To Lose Weight! 

This is really a no brainer! Laugh! 

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