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Free Lessons On Breathing!

...And You Thought You Knew Everything!


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Are you getting enough air?  

Probably not.   

Most adults breathe between 10 and 12 breaths per minute which actually over taxes your exchange of air and is highly inefficient. The reasons behind this accelerated rate are likely stress. 

We breathe for 2 important reasons: 

1)    This is how we supply our bodies and its various organs with oxygen which is vital for our survival.  

2)    A second function of breathing is this is a means to get rid of waste products and toxins from the body. (Our resistance to disease is reduced, since oxygen is essential for healthy cells. This means we catch more colds and develop other ailments more easily. Lack of sufficient oxygen to the cells is a major contributing factor in cancer, heart disease and strokes.) 

Breathing less frequently allows deeper breathing and a more efficient air exchange in the lungs. You also breathe in fewer environmental toxins.

Let’s look at breathing and stress though.

Daily living in today’s world is chock full of stress sources – everything from screaming alarm clock’s in the morning to angry bosses in the day and lousy cable service during American Idol.

As W Dyer has written,  the word breath comes from the word inspire or in-spirit. When we take in air – inspire – we are in spirit. Feeding our spirit.

Breathing helps to reduce pain and soften tension. Just focusing on the act of breathing can help to shut out much of the daily stress of living and help to bring together the scattered energies in your consciousness and unconscious.

Breathing is a life force – when you direct your breathing you’re also directing your energy. 

Do This! 

Breathe deeply and relax. 6-8 times a minute. 

Practice breathing deeply, raising your shoulders with your inspiration and dropping your shoulders as you exhale. Do this a few times and the feeling can be magnificent. Letting go of stress. 

Try these simple 5 steps to proper breathing. 

1-Sit with your back against a wall (cross your legs or not – they’re not breathing.)

2-Place your hands on your legs, palms up and fully relax them.  (Try squeezing a fist a couple of times and then relaxing your hands.)   

3-With a straight back take a deep breath through your nose hold for less than a second and slowly exhale through your mouth, keeping the tip of your tongue pressed to the upper part of your mouth. 

4-Exhale slowly through a count of ’10.’ 

5-Repeat this 10 times 

That’s it! This one lifestyle habit alone should ad years to your life and make every day a whole lot easier!

Now go show someone else how to breathe properly!